5 ways technology can save your next meeting

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We all have been there – the pointless, unproductive meetings that hamper your workday instead of getting things done. CEOs around the world reportedly spend one-third of their time in meetings, and workers often cite meetings as the biggest time-waster at work, costing $37 Billion to the US economy alone.

Ideally, meetings should enable better work results by bringing people together to share ideas, exchange viewpoints and drive outcomes towards common goals. But disorganisation and lack of focus can quickly lead to a session where a lot is said but not much progress is made towards desired outcome.

Managers that value productivity can benefit greatly from the new generation of productivity tools out there that enable easy online collaboration for teams. If you use one for project management, you will have all your team added as collaborators in one easy place where you can assign tasks, view status updates, share documents and discuss issues.

So before your next mind-numbing meeting, remember that technology can… Read More

Avaza introduces Globalized Number & Currency support

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We’re excited to announce support for globalized number formats in Avaza, and improved multi-currency support.

From today, users will see and enter numbers in the formats they expect in their native country, based on the language & locale selected in their browser.

e.g. langauge- locale,  number format:
de-DE:  1.254,36 (German users in Germany)
fr-Fr:     1 254,36 (French users in France)
en-US:  1,254.36 (English users in United States)

You can easily adjust the locale you see through your browser’s own settings screen. Read More

Avaza adds Stripe Payment support

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We’re excited to announce support for Stripe among Avaza’s invoice payment providers.
Stripe is one of the world’s most popular payment gateways, and allows you to receive credit card payments without a merchant account.

You can now quickly link your existing Stripe account, or create a new Stripe account on the fly, and start receiving credit card payments from customers in 135+ currencies. Read More

Avaza launches powerful Timesheet Approvals

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Since this article was published, we have updated Timesheet Approvals. You can get updated information here.

We’re pleased to announce the launch of Avaza’s powerful and flexible new Timesheet Approval functionality.

Flexible enforcement of Timesheet Approvals

In the past customers have impressed on us the need to have optional timesheet approvals. So no need to worry if your business doesn’t need them, as these won’t suddenly get in your way.

So how flexible is our design? Well we don’t require you turn on approvals for your whole account, for a specific user, or for an entire project. Read More