Expense Management your team will love

Avaza makes expense tracking ridiculously easy for your team. No more spreadsheets or shoeboxes of receipts to deal with.

Create Expenses with ease from anywhere

Whether you are at the office or on the road, Avaza Expense Management makes it easy to stay on top of your expenses. Create expenses as they happen and you will never lose a receipt.

Add Expenses with just a few clicks

Upload a receipt, pick a merchant, category and tax, enter amount and notes and you are as good as gold.

Forward receipts from your inbox

Forward the receipts in your inbox to Avaza Expense email. An expense will be created automatically for your review.

Track and report on expenses in any currency

Enjoy automated currency conversion with accurate historical exchange rates.

Create Expenses with ease from anywhere

Expense Approval Workflow

Expense Approval Workflow

Reviewing expenses has never been easier.

Streamline Expense Approval

Boost transparency, accuracy and accountability with an efficient expense approval workflow.

Automatic Email Notifications

Beautifully designed emails are automatically sent through each state of expense approval workflow.

Lock Approved Expenses

Optionally lock expense from further editing once they’re approved. Enable tight control over how business expenses are approved and billed.

Expense Reimbursements Made Simple

Your team can mark expenses for reimbursement with a single click.

Empower your team with Expense Reimbursements

Replace lengthy, tedious paper based reimbursement process with Avaza. Your team can create and submit reimbursable expenses with ease and get paid promptly.

Review Reimbursable Expenses

Reimbursable expenses are clearly identifiable during expense approval workflow. Reject expenses if they don’t comply with your expense reimbursement policy.

Report on Reimbursable Expenses

Gain insight into expense reimbursements by payment method, team member, expense category and more.

Expense Reimbursements Made Simple

Stay on top of Project Spending

Stay on top of Project Spending

Seamless integration with project management means that your team can keep a close eye on project spend.

Define Project Expense Budget

Define expense budget by category to keep project spending under check.

Link Expenses to Project Tasks

Report on total spend per project task by easily linking expenses to project tasks.

Invoice Project Based Expenses

With a few clicks add billable project expenses to a customer invoice.

Accurate Client Billing

Easily add billable expenses to invoices along with markups and taxes.

Add Billable Expenses to Invoices

Quickly add expenses to invoices. Enjoy automated currency conversion and see all the original expense details, ready to be adjusted as needed.

Add Markup to Expenses

Assign fixed price and/or percentage based markups to expense categories.

Group Expenses on Invoices

Provide clarity to clients by grouping expenses on the Invoice and providing them with sub-totals.

Accurate Client Billing

Save time with Recurring Expenses

Save time with Recurring Expenses

Let Avaza create repetitive expenses automatically for bills such as rent, internet, phone and more.

Create Flexible schedules

Create an expense every week, fortnight, month or quarter. Pause, resume or remove recurring expense profiles as you wish.

Beautiful Dashboard

Each recurring profile has an informative dashboard with all the useful information at your fingertips.

Access useful Reports

View aggregated history of recurring expenses by expense category, month and more.

Powerful Reporting

Look at the big picture in real-time using our dynamic reports.

Profitability at your fingertips

Measure your business health with our Profit & Loss and Project Profitability reports.

Analyze spending

Track your expense spending by team members, expense category, merchant, currency and more.

Customize and schedule reports

Create saved version of our standard reports based on your own needs and schedule them to be delivered to your inbox on a regular basis.

Powerful Reporting

Track expense on your phone​

Track expense on your phone

Track expenses on your phone or tablet with our native mobile app

  • Report your expenses & attach receipts on the go
  • Search, filter and scroll through your expenses
  • Submit expenses to your Manager for Approval
  • Understand your spending

What else does Avaza have to offer?

Avaza is ideal for many types of business. Mix and match any of the modules to suit your needs.