Why choose Avaza as a Monday alternative?

Looking for a product that offers more than just task management? Avaza is a better fit for the growing needs of your business.

Monday is a great task management tool with some standout features. It allows for collaboration between teams. Monday doesn’t, however, offer integrated invoicing, quoting or expense management, which are all features businesses need. Let’s take a look at the two products side-by-side.


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I like that Avaza has different tools that, if put together, make a great solution for project management. It has features such as invoicing (including billing and expense management!), project management and collaboration that work all to their maximum potential and offer good quality software. When using Avaza, I like that I can set reminders for my team to complete tasks or timesheets, while also working in the sales part of my job, allowing me to see my list of clients through Kanban View or other different ways in which I can adjust the interface.

Samantha MSales Manager

4 reasons why our customers prefer Avaza over Monday

Eliminate Multiple Subscriptions​

Eliminate the need for multiple software subscriptions with Avaza. Collaborate on projects with your team and customers, track your time, and bill your customers, all from one platform.​

Accurate Time Tracking

Billable hours can make or break your business, but tracking and manually entering those hours into invoices is just a waste of your precious time. Track every billable minute, whether you’re at your office or on the go.

Expense Tracking

Track expenses by project and client. Update expenses on the go with our iOS and Android apps. Never forget to bill clients for relevant project expenses.

Create Quotes & Invoices

Streamline creating and sending quotes & invoices. Allow your customers to provide feedback and approve estimates easily, and seamlessly convert estimates into invoices.