Recurring Invoice – Dynamic Variables

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Since this article was published, we have updated our Recurring Invoices feature. You can get updated information here.

Dynamic variables are smart tags on a recurring profile that are replaced with actual data when the invoice is generated. These tags can be used in Subject, Line Item Description & Notes fields.

We support the following tags. Please note that these tags must start and end with :: for Avaza to replace them with real values. Issue Date as the name suggests is the date that is set in the Issue Date field of the invoice. Read More


Expense Tracking with Avaza – An inventory of ‘Aha!’ moments

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As a freelancer or small business owner, you might be ready to ditch the shoebox that has faithfully (albeit very haphazardly) kept your business expenditure receipts, and use an online tool. Opting for Avaza will enable you to bring your business processes onto a single platform like invoicing, payments, project management, time-tracking, team collaboration and yes, expense tracking. Warning: you are likely to experience the following ‘Aha!’ moments during this transition:- Read More

Avaza launches user friendly Expense Approvals

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Since this article was published, we have updated our Expense Approvals. You can get updated information here.

Based on popular demand we’re pleased to announce the launch of Expense Approval functionality in Avaza. The new feature streamlines the approval process reducing the time your staff has to spend on administrative chores.

Expense Approval Settings

Expense approval is an optional feature that can be switched on via Settings Cog  > Expense Settings page. Businesses not in need of Expense Approvals can continue to work as per normal.

For added protection you can also choose to lock approved expenses from further editing by expense users.

Read More

Avaza adds support for 500+ integrations

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Today we’re excited to announce support for a large number of integrations with your favourite apps.
This includes popular Accounting, CRM & Productivity apps.  Apps like, Xero, QuickBooks & Salesforce.

We’ve added Avaza to the popular Zapier cloud integration platform to make this possible.
Zapier  allows you to connect a large number of popular cloud apps via configurable ‘Zaps’.
These zaps link a ‘trigger’ from one app, to an ‘action’ in another app. For example, whenever a task is created in Avaza, a corresponding event could be created in Google Calendar.

Your team can get started with Zapier for free and immediately start linking Avaza to many of the 500+ apps on Zapier. Let your imagination run wild!

To get started, follow this Invitation Link to access Avaza in Zapier.

As always, we look forward to your feedback.

Tim & Behram
Avaza Co-founders