One of the very useful and easy ways to create tasks is via Email. Every project in Avaza has a unique email address you can send emails to.

To find the unique email address for any project, click the 3-dot context menu that appears next to the project title:


Figure: Click on the 3-dot Control Next to the Project Title to view the Project Email Address

Click on this option to view a pop-up with instructions on creating Tasks via email.

 Figure: Instructions on Creating Tasks via Email are Displayed on Pop-up

Here is how we interpret your email

  • Email Subject will become the Task Title.
  • Email Body will become the Task Description.
  • Email Attachments will become Task Attachments.
  • The task will be assigned initially to the user sending the email.

Emails are only accepted from Project Members, and must be sent from the email address used to log into Avaza.

Tasks created via email are sent to the bottom of the first section in the project. You can easily move them to the appropriate section and update the task accordingly.

As usual, we look forward to your feedback!

Tim & Behram
Avaza Co-founders


  • ben says:

    There’s a logical barrier to this implementation holding back real usability.
    Automatic forwarding of all (say) support emails to the relevant project would be super useful.

    however, to manage spam, most automated email systems (like gmail) send a confirmation email to any new email address before it can be used. Unfortunately avaza blocks these emails so the email address cannot be authenticated.
    Just removing the block would open this functionality up. Currently it can only work if sent manually.
    Also, just a generic email address for all projects, filtered by subject (as the project) would be pretty useful

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