Advocate Rewards Program

Perform simple activities, be rewarded!

Got a spare 5 minutes?

Help us spread the word about Avaza, and we’ll show our appreciation by giving you your choice of:

$20 credit

towards your Avaza subscription.

$10 Amazon gift voucher

to spend as you want.

To receive your reward, simply perform any of the below activities and let us know about it.

Write Short Reviews

Avaza has listings on some directories of business apps. Add a simple, short review to help us get noticed!

*Please complete full review to claim your reward. All rewards offered are in USD.

How to Claim your Reward

Simply send us an email at and tell us which activity you performed, and which reward you would like.

  • Maximum one activity of each type per month.
  • Avaza credit can only be used towards Avaza services. It is not refundable or exchangeable for cash.

We really appreciate your time in supporting Avaza’s growth!