Use Recurring Tasks To Jumpstart 2017!

We’re so excited to close off 2016 with one of the most requested features – Recurring Tasks! Best used for common tasks that need to be created regularly, you can set the recurrence to every X number of days or months allowing you to create tasks daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, annually etc.

Recurring Tasks are the perfect solution if you want to streamline your routine activities, for example, weekly standup meetings, monthly server maintenance, annual contract review, checking in on your social media performance, sending out newsletters, creating reports and much more.

Setting up Recurring Tasks

To create a new recurring task, open up the Task Edit popup, and navigate to the last tab.

Create Recurring TasksFigure: Recurring Task Tab in Task Popup

  1. Choose how often the task should be created (you can choose between X number of days and months, for e.g. to set up a weekly recurrence, choose 7 days.)
  2. The Start Date is the date the first recurring task will be created on. It must be today, or a date in the future.
  3. Set the number of times you would like the task to be repeated, or check the “Never Expire” box.
  4. Due Date Offset lets you decide how many days after the task is created the due date should be set to. If 0 is entered then the Task Due Date will be set to the same date as the created date.

Finally, confirm that the default time at which the task will be created is correct for your needs. By default we use 10:00am in your account’s time zone, but Admin Users can change this account-wide setting from the recurring task popup.

Editing Recurring Tasks

Once the recurring task is active, you can edit or delete it by going back into the Recurring Task tab on the task.

Active Recurring TasksFigure: Active Recurring Task

You will be able to see:

  • Number of tasks created (as a clickable link, which opens a popup that displays all the child tasks created from this recurrence)
  • The date the last task was created on.
  • The date the next task will be created on.
  • The Status of the Recurring Task (Active, Stopped or Expired)
  • A button to Stop the Recurring Task (or Resume if it’s already stopped)
  • A button to Delete the Recurring Task

Recurring Task historyFigure: Recurring Task Creation History

Viewing Recurring Tasks

The new (child) task will have its own creation date and due date, but will copy over the following information:

When viewing Recurring Tasks, you can quickly identify the parent Recurring Task, and its status by looking at the task icons.

Recurring Tasks IconsFigure: Recurring Task Icons are Green (Active), Light Grey (Expired) or Dark Grey (Stopped).

Recurring Tasks Limitations

Recurring Tasks are only available on Paid Plans. Users on the Free Plan will see the following message on the fourth tab instead.

Recurring Tasks on Free Plan

We hope you enjoy making use of the new Recurring Task functionality! As usual, please get in touch with further feedback & suggestions

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