Avaza Adds Sub-Tasks to Project Management Module

Sub-tasks has been one of the most heavily demanded features, and it’s finally here. You can now break larger tasks down into smaller pieces, making it easier to get through the entire task. Team members can easily view sub-tasks on each task in the Project-level view, and through the task itself.

Adding Sub-Tasks

Adding sub-tasks is extremely simple. Open the Task Edit pop-up, and click on the Sub-Tasks Tab

Add Sub-Tasks

Figure: Manage Sub-Tasks

Add as many sub-tasks as you need by simply entering a title and pressing enter or clicking Add link.

Add Sub-Tasks In-Line

Figure: Add Sub-Tasks In-Line

Sub-Tasks Icons

When you view the task in List-View or in Kanban boards, the Sub-Tasks icon shows you the sub-tasks listed under each task, as well as the number you have already marked completed.

Kanban Sub-Tasks Badge

Figure: Kanban Sub-Tasks Icon

Sub-Tasks are an effective way of keeping projects on track, as team members can break large tasks down into manageable chunks, and keep track of their completion using the Sub-Tasks icon.

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  1. Bart Dorlandt says:

    Would it be possible to add the following feature?
    re-aligning the subtasks, like you do with normal tasks.

      1. Hi Nida,

        I think Bart means that it would be great to reorder subtasks like it is possible with tasks. I would +1 this feature suggestion.


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