Visualise Estimated Time vs Actual Time spent on Tasks

We’ve added a cool new way to see how much time you’ve tracked against Tasks in your Avaza Projects.
View task estimates, actual duration and remaining hours left on your tasks so you can easily analyze your project’s progress at a glance.

Track Estimated Time vs Actual Time on Tasks

These visual indicators show the amount of time you’ve tracked against tasks and highlight when you are near or exceeding budgeted number of hours on a task.

When you add a new task to your project, you can include the estimated amount of time it will take to finish the task. All tasks that have estimated time entered on them will now have a visual indicator that will help you stay on budget.

Here are the three numbers you will see:

  • Time Estimate/Estimated Hours: The number of hours that have been entered on the task.
  • Actual Hours/Actual: The sum of all timesheet entries on that task.
  • Remaining: Task Estimate – Actual Hours. This will be shown in red if you have gone over the time budgeted for that task.

Viewing Estimated Time vs Actual Time

In task list-view, the time estimated for the task, actual hours and remaining time can all be seen by hovering over the Time Estimate icon. The icon colors provide a quick visual on whether your task is on budget, or over budget. Side-by-side (Kanban) task view shows you the same information in a bar format.

When a task has no time logged against it, the icon and bar are grey.


Figure: Indicators for Tasks that haven’t had any time tracked against them.

Once you begin working, the icon starts turning blue as more time is spent on the task, with the grey portion of the icon indicating that there is time still available in the task budget.


Figure: Indicators for Tasks that have time tracked against them but are within the budgeted amount.

Should you add more than the estimated number of hours to a task, the icon shows the extra time spent in red, allowing you to quickly single out tasks that may be putting your project in danger of being over-budget. In the task list-view, when you hover over the icon, the Time Estimate will also change its color to blue, indicating that you have gone over the original estimate.


Figure: Indicators for Tasks that have gone over budget.

We hope you enjoy this new feature, and that it helps you stay on track to meet your task budgets. Do let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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