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Avaza integration with QuickBooks

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For professional services companies, Avaza is an ideal tool for boosting productivity – it allows for smooth management of tasks, time & expense tracking and invoicing. However, for accounting and tax needs, many companies use popular accounting software QuickBooks. For such companies, it would be awesome to streamline the experience of using both software in conjunction, by automating any required scenarios. For instance, every time an invoice is marked as sent in Avaza, it should pop up as a new invoice in QuickBooks, to make sure all Avaza invoices are accurately and completely recorded in QuickBooks for tax purposes. Read More

Avaza adds Estimates and Invoices to Customer Portal

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Avaza’s mission is simple: we want to facilitate easy ways for businesses to deliver their services to customers, all the while ensuring transparency and high engagement levels. As any research will tell you, this is the surefire formula for long-term customer loyalty for your business. Using Avaza, you take the first step towards that direction when you organise your client engagements in terms of ‘projects’, and add your customer contacts as ‘project collaborators’. This way you get your team and your customer contacts organised onto a single platform focused on deliverables. Your clients can be granted timesheet approval roles, enabling them to monitor and facilitate the progress of a project in a decentralised manner (major wins for transparency and accountability). Read More

Recurring Expenses with Avaza

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Since this article was published, we have updated our Recurring Expenses feature. You can get updated information here.

The good news keeps rolling in. We now have a cool new feature to rev up Avaza’s Expense module: Recurring Expenses, that allows you to automate the process of filing expenses that you incur on a repeated basis, for instance rent, web hosting and subscriptions of any nature.

We love automating your menial tasks so your business can focus on the cool stuff it does! Read More