My Tasks, where you can see all your tasks across Projects

One feature that has been requested by many customers is the ability to see all tasks assigned to a particular person, even those across projects, in one place. Avaza has recently introduced My Tasks, which allows you to do just that.

Having access to a bird’s-eye view of a particular team member’s, or your own, tasks is definitely something that can help you manage workload and ensure projects get completed on time and within budget. It is also more productive to be able to view tasks assigned to you without getting distracted by what the remainder of the team is up to, so you can get a quick start on your day.

Accessing My Tasks

To access My Tasks, click on Projects and My Tasks.

Access My Tasks via Dashboard

Figure: Access My Tasks via Dashboard

Using My Tasks

My Tasks works very similarly to the Project-level view. You can choose between Kanban boards and List-view for your tasks. You can also filter or search through tasks, or view files relevant to the projects you are on.

My Tasks Kanban-View

Figure: My Tasks Kanban-View

Need to quickly view all tasks assigned to one team member across projects? Just Click on the name at the top and choose from the list of team members. You can also access the same pop-up from the Filter button. This is a unique way of viewing tasks for specific team members for not just one project, but across the board.

When viewing someone else’s tasks, you will only have access to the tasks that are under projects you are also a member of. So if a team member is working on projects you aren’t a member of, you won’t be able to see those tasks.

My Tasks also has a Files Tab, similar to the Project-level view, which shows all the files that are uploaded onto projects the user is a team member on.

Manual Ordering in My Tasks

Avaza handles task ordering in a unique way, something that becomes very obvious when you use My Tasks.

Within My Tasks, team members have the flexibility to re-order tasks when grouped by project, independent of the order they were added into the project. However, Project Managers can re-order this list at their end (in Project-Level view) based on the order they want tasks completed in.

When task priority is changed by a project manager, this change is reflected in My Tasks (grouped by Project) for that team member as well. This is a great way to ensure your team works on the tasks in the order you need them to, and not in based on the order they were entered into the system.

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