Effortless Project Time Tracking Software

Powerful project management software with integrated time tracking.

Easier Task Management

Visualize, organize and finish your projects faster with our easy to use task management features.

Multiple Views

Whether you prefer Kanban boards, list views or Gantt charts for your project tasks, Avaza has you covered. Switch to the view to see the information you need when you need it.

Faster Task Management

Filter tasks using dates, tags and status. Group your tasks by project, assignd to, status and custom Sections.

Plan Your Day Using My Tasks

Quickly view all tasks assigned to you across projects using My Tasks. Filter them by project, status or due date to stay on top of your deadlines. Get an overview of tasks assigned to each team member by filtering for user.

Easier Task Management

Collaborate Faster

Collaborate Faster

Run a better team by empowering them with strong collaboration tools. Delegate, manage and discuss tasks from within one software.

Start Discussions

Comment within tasks to keep all your team’s thoughts in one place. Reply to comments via email, or log into Avaza if you prefer.

Share Documents

Drag and drop files into tasks, or share screenshots within the task description. Review file attachments using beautiful previews.

Create Sub-Tasks

Break down larger tasks using sub-tasks. Check off each sub-task as it’s completed, and quickly see sub-tasks left to be completed on the task list.

Timesheets Made Simple

Simple, flexible and powerful time tracking that requires the least effort.

One-Click Time Tracking

Track time from whichever device you happen to be using at the time.


Update timesheets easily by directly entering the duration worked.

Multiple Views

View timesheets in day or week-view to make the most of your time tracking and project management.

Timesheets Made Simple

Powerful Timesheet Approvals

Powerful Timesheet Approvals

Gain valuable control and insight into your team’s activities with timesheet approvals.

Flexible Enforcement

Pick and choose members of each project that require timesheet approval or set timesheet approval defaults at the project level.

Enable Notifications

Receive email notifications when a team member submits timesheets for approval. Users get notified immediately if one or more timesheet entries are rejected.

Easily Review Submitted Timesheets

Group submitted timesheets for a faster approval process. Bulk approve or reject entries, or dive into details at day or timesheet entry level to get more clarity.

Staff Utilization Report

Understand your team’s efficiency by accessing the staff utilization report. Improve your human resource management by drilling down into the details of how your team spends their time.

Better Human Resource Management

Understand which team members are overworked and those with spare capacity using the staff utilization report.

Compare Billable and Non-Billable Activities

Review how much time your team is spending on billable vs unbillable activities and plan your team’s time accordingly.

Staff Utilization Report

Project Profitability Report

Project Profitability Report

Understand your profit margins by viewing a summary and breakdown of your project budget versus the time and expense costs tracked against it.

Compare Budget to Costs

Review the amount of time and expenses that have been spent on a project against the initial project budget. Quickly check to see if you’re making money on the project and make adjustments.

Track Time Spent on a Project

View timesheet details to understand how much time was spent, by whom, and doing what on this project.

Track Project Costs

See all the associated project costs in one list and adjust team spending as needed.

Easy to Send Time-Based Invoices

Creating invoices shouldn’t be time consuming. Easily create and send time-based invoices so you can get paid faster.

Add Timesheets to Invoices

Add timesheets to invoices with just a click and choose from many available grouping options. Choose the amount of information to be imported from timesheets based on client requirements.

Flexible Rounding Options

Apply rounding to timesheets as they are added to invoices. Round to nearest, or round up, based on your requirements.

Send Online Invoices

Avaza let’s you send invoices via email or as PDF attachments. The simple “Pay Now” button lets you get paid faster. Link Stripe, PayPal or Payoneer for online payment processing.

Easy to Send Time-Based Invoices

What else does Avaza have to offer?

Avaza is ideal for many types of business. Mix and match any of the modules to suit your needs.