Timesheets, Done Right

Avaza Timesheets is a new, easy to use online time tracking solution.
Invite anyone to track time, set flexible per project, per user rates and enjoy easy billing and reporting.

Time Tracking is Simple!

Time Tracking is Simple!

Start a timer on your phone and stop it on your tablet. Keep track of what you’re working on, no matter the device or location.

One-Click Time Tracking

Start and Stop the timer to record activities as you work. Record activity Duration and optionally Start and End times. Never miss out on a billable minute again.

Multiple Ways to Track Time

Track time on tasks or projects. View and enter timesheets by day or week.

Copy or Import Timesheets

Copy timesheets from previous days and weeks. Import timesheets in bulk if needed.

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Integrated Project Management

Integrated Project Management

Track time on projects with flexible billing and cost rates.

Set up Flexible Hourly Rates

Set Project, Category or Person hourly rates for each project.

Differentiate Between Billable and Non-Billable hours

Not all hours are equal. Enter both billable or non-billable hours on each project.

Assign Cost Rates for each Project

Enter different cost rates for each person or category within a project. Gain insight into your project costs and profitability.

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Powerful Timesheet Approvals

Powerful Timesheet Approvals

Enable timesheet approvals at the project user level, review timesheets in bulk and receive notifications.

Flexible Timesheet Approvals

Set timesheet approval defaults at the project level or pick and choose project members who require approval. Receive email notifications when your team submits timesheets for approval.

Easy Review of Submitted Timesheets

Assign internal or client timesheet approvers on each project. Bulk approve/reject timesheet entries or drill down to view details at user, day or timesheet entry level.

Lock Approved Timesheets

Optionally disable editing of approved Timesheets.

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Transparent Billing

Transparent Billing

Save time and confidently bill clients with Avaza.

Add Billable Hours to Invoices

Add billable time entries to invoices for accurate invoicing with just a few clicks.

Apply Rounding

Add timesheet duration as is or apply rounding based on your company requirements.

Group Timesheets on an Invoice

Group timesheet entries separately on invoices from expenses and other line items.

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Stay Informed with Reports

Stay on top of your business with useful reports. Understand staff utilization and where time is spent for better management of your human resources.

Generate appealing reports to share with your team and customers.

What else does Avaza have to offer?

Avaza is ideal for many type of businesses. Mix and match any of the modules to suit your needs.

Time Tracking

Estimate your effort for a task & track your time based on multiple categories.

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Expense Tracking

Track your expenses through multiple categories, add markups, digitize receipts from your phone.

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Easy Invoicing

Invoicing has never been easier! With Avaza send professional invoices with one click.

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Project Management

Keep track of your tasks with ease, invite & collaborate with your team, set priorities, deadlines and more.

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Resource Scheduling

Manage your team's schedule on an interactive calendar and make smarter scheduling decisions.

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