Streamline Your Expense Management

Avaza Expenses is a better way to manage your staff’s expenses. Never lose a receipt again!

Track Expenses on the Go

Track Expenses on the Go

Simplify expense management with Avaza! Add expenses in any currency, from any device, or email receipts to your account.

Create Expenses from Anywhere

Add expenses via desktop, mobile, or email.

All Your Receipts, Stored in the Cloud

Everyone loses a receipt from time to time, but with Avaza your receipts are digitized and always available.

Multi-Currency Expenses

Track expenses in any currency and report on them in your preferred currency using accurate historical exchange rates.

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Integrated Project Expense Management

Integrated Project Expense Management

Set up project expense budgets, track project expenses and on-bill your clients.

Project Expense Budgets

Track and report on expense budgets by category.

Report on Project Costs

Assign billable & non-billable expenses to projects for accurate project costing.

Invoice Clients for Billable Expenses

Invoice billable expenses to clients with our integrated invoicing.

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Create Recurring Expenses

Create Recurring Expenses

Schedule automatic repeating expenses to save time.

Automate Recurring Expenses

Set up recurring expenses on a flexible schedule of your choosing.

View Expenses Linked to a Recurrence

View all expenses that were automatically created.

Access Useful Reports

View aggregated history of recurring expenses grouped by source.

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Expense Approval Workflow

Expense Approval Workflow

Boost transparency, accuracy and accountability with an efficient expense approval workflow.

Simple Expense Approvals

Bulk approve expenses grouped by team member and reject expenses with notes.

Automatic Email Notifications

Receive email notifications when your team submits expenses for approval.

Lock Approved Expenses

Optionally lock expenses from further editing once they’re approved. Enable tight control over how business expenses are approved and billed.

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Accurate Client Billing

Accurate Client Billing

Easily add billable expenses to invoices along with markups and taxes.

Add Billable Expenses to Invoices

Quickly add expenses to invoices. Enjoy automated currency conversion and see all the original expense details, ready to be adjusted as needed.

Add Markups to Expenses

Assign fixed price and/or percentage based markups to expense categories.

Group Expenses on Invoices

Provide clarity to clients by grouping expenses on the Invoice and providing them with sub-totals.

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Powerful Reporting

With real-time insight on your expenses, you always have the data you need to make smarter business decisions.

What else does Avaza have to offer?

Avaza is ideal for many type of businesses. Mix and match any of the modules to suit your needs.

Time Tracking

Estimate your effort for a task & track your time based on multiple categories.

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Expense Tracking

Track your expenses through multiple categories, add markups, digitize receipts from your phone.

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Easy Invoicing

Invoicing has never been easier! With Avaza send professional invoices with one click.

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Project Management

Keep track of your tasks with ease, invite & collaborate with your team, set priorities, deadlines and more.

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Resource Scheduling

Manage your team's schedule on an interactive calendar and make smarter scheduling decisions.

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