Powerful New Options for Sending Invoices/Quotes to Customers

We’ve made many changes to Avaza Quotes/Invoices recently, including tracking email delivery and allowing you to address Quotes/Invoices to customers! In this post, we detail the changes to the Send Invoice & Quote popup, where you can now choose who the Invoice/Quote is sent from and to.

The popup has been upgraded to let you flexibly choose both who Invoices & Quotes are sent from in your team, and the person they are sent to.

Send Invoice/Quote as Another Team Member

You can choose any team member with Admin or Invoice Manager role on the Send As dropdown to send the Invoice/Quote from, such as “finances@avaza.com”. Centralize the email address where client responses to Invoices / Quotes are received!

who the Invoice/Quote is sent fromFigure: Choose a Team Member to Send the Invoice From

Choose the Recipients & CC Team Members/Clients

In addition to being able to select existing customer contacts and the logged-in user as recipients, you can now type in any valid email address in the Recipient(s) and CC(s) fields.

who the Invoice/Quote is sent fromFigure: Type-in any Valid Email Address, or Choose from the Dropdown. 

Hopefully, these changes, along with some additions such as being able to personalize Invoices/Quotes and tracking email and online views will make your experience more productive.

Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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  1. Bernadette says:

    Thank you for these new options.
    Maybe next an option to include an attachment (other than invoice)? Thank you.

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