Add Attachments to Estimates & Invoices with Avaza!

Since this article was published, we have updated our Estimates and Invoice modules. You can get updated information about Invoices and Estimates here.

Avaza just launched a new feature that allows user to upload one or more attachments to existing Estimates or Invoices. Users can then share these Estimates or Invoices with their customers using the Email or Web View options.

Here’s a quick overview of the feature and how it works.

This attachment feature allows users to easily share pictures of concept designs, contract, statement of work, products and more with clients, allowing you to keep your clients on the same page. When you send the invoice to your client, they can easily download the attachments through the email, or via the web-view.

Adding Attachments to Invoices & Estimates

Head on over to any existing invoice or estimate and you will see an “Add an Attachment” link at the bottom.

Add Attachments to Invoices

Figure: Add Attachments to Invoices

Here’s what it looks like closer up.

Zoomed In View

Figure: Zoomed In View

When you click on the “Add an Attachment” link, a simple popup will open up allowing you to choose any file on your computer. Once you’ve attached the files, you can view thumbnails and click the Send Invoice button to send the invoice to your client contacts.

You can choose not to include links to attachments on the invoice email by unchecking the option highlighted in the image below.

Unselect Attachments When Resending Invoices

Figure: Deselect Attachments When Resending Invoices

Viewing Attachments in Invoices & Estimates

When your client receives the invoice as an email, they will see links to the included attachments as shown below.

Invoice - Email View

Figure: Invoice – Email View

In web-view, they will see previews along with the option to download the attachment.

Invoice with Attachments - Web View

Figure: Invoice with Attachments – Web View

The same option is also available for existing estimates. The process of adding files, and sending them to clients is identical to what is shown in the screenshots above.

Hopefully, this new feature will allow you to add context to your estimates and invoices and provide clients with more information. Do let us know what you think in the comments.

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