Avaza Time Tracking Mobile App is here!

The team at Avaza has been hard at work developing a new mobile time tracking app. The new app is packed with features optimized for mobile devices. The new app, called “Avaza Timesheets” is released on both Google Play & Apple App Stores. Here is the direct link for each

Once you install & launch the app you will be taken to the Login page. Enter your login credentials (the same details you use to access Avaza on the web browser) and grant the requested rights to the application. You are all set to start tracking, browsing and gaining useful insights.

Here is a list of some high-level features.

Simple one-tap start / stop timer

Tap the green start button to instantly start a new timesheet. Once done, click the red stop button to stop tracking time. You can tap the draft entry to add more details.

Create, update, delete timesheets

To create a new time entry manually, tap the green plus button, select the Project, Timesheet Category, optionally the task, Duration and Notes and Save Entry. Tap any existing entry to make changes or click the Delete button to delete the entry. Long press an existing entry and select Delete from the context menu to delete the entry.

Tap/Swipe left and right to browse time entry days

Swipe left or right to browse through timesheet entries for different days. Scroll down to see all the entries for a given day. 

Submit timesheets for approval

“Submit Week for Approval” from the 3 dot control, tap “Submit” on the confirmation prompt and whola, all available timesheets will be submitted to the relevant timesheet approver.

Siri commands for IOS devices

For IOS users, save Siri shortcuts to start and stop time, create a custom timer or open Dashboard for a certain date range. Tracking time could  not be easier.

Visualize where you spend your time with an insightful dashboard

See where you are spending time for a given date range. Breakdown of Billable vs Non Billable, Customers, Projects, Timesheet Categories and Tasks.

Here is a link to the app user guide for more details. Please feel free to send us your feedback via chat support or email us on support@avaza.com.

The Avaza Team

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