Sync Avaza Invoices with Xero

Automatically sync Avaza Invoices with Xero via our new advanced integration!  Once set up, this new integration will pass new invoices, updates to existing invoices, reference data (including Customers and Products/Services aka Inventory Items) to Xero, as well as Payments to and from Avaza to Xero.

Advanced Integrations currently allows you to sync Invoices with Xero and QuickBooks Online.

During the sync, we pass specific information to and from Xero. Here is the direction in which data is synced.

 Avaza to XeroXero to Avaza
Products (Inventory Items)YesNo
Sales Invoice Line ItemsYesNo

For details on how to configure the Xero integration please follow this link.

The Avaza team is here 24/7 to help you set up, and manage your integrations as well.

We hope you all enjoy this new integration!

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  1. Hi Team ,

    We wanted to integrate Avaza with Xero. We currently have subscriptions across both platforms but spend time manually to upload invoices and other accounting data in both the platforms separately . Could you please let us know the pricing of integration features in Avaza ?

    1. Behram Khan says:

      Hi Sajid, we are glad to let you know that Avaza integration with Xero is completely free. You can configure your integration by navigating to Avaza Settings > Marketplace App.

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