Sync Avaza Invoices with Xero

Automatically sync Avaza Invoices with Xero via our new advanced integration!  Once set up, this new integration will pass new invoices, updates to existing invoices, reference data (including Customers and Products/Services aka Inventory Items) to Xero, as well as Payments to and from Avaza to Xero.

Advanced Integrations currently allows you to sync Invoices with Xero and QuickBooks Online.

During the sync, we pass specific information to and from Xero. Here is the direction in which data is synced.

Avaza to Xero Xero to Avaza
Customers Yes No
Products (Inventory Items) Yes No
Sales Invoice Line Items Yes No
Payments Yes Yes

1. Connect Avaza with Xero

Navigate to Settings > Advanced Integrations. 

Sync Avaza Invoices with Xero Figure: Go to Settings > Advanced Integrations to Get Started

Once the Advanced Integration tab is open, navigate to the Connections tab and Add Xero to get started.

Sync Avaza Invoices with Xero Figure: Add Xero as a Connection

Click Connect to Xero. If you don’t have an existing account, please first set up a Xero account.

Sync Avaza Invoices with Xero

Figure: Log into your Xero Account

Authorize Avaza and our integration partner – OneSaas – to access your Xero data. Once you’re done, you will see a Successfully Connected screen.

Sync Avaza Invoices with XeroFigure: Successfully Connected to Xero

Great! Now your Xero account is connected, and we can create our integration!

2. Configure Integration Settings

Currently, you will be able to sync Invoices created in Avaza with Xero. Click on the available integration, and you will see a number of fields open up in front of you. 

Sync Avaza Invoices with Xero

Figure: Click on the Available Integration to Get Started 

1. Retrieve Invoices from Avaza

Sync Avaza Invoices with Xero

Figure: Select Invoice Statuses, Invoice Numbers and Due Dates to Sync with Xero

  • Choose which Avaza Invoices you wish to pass to Xero by selecting the relevant Invoice statuses.
  • Invoice Number Prefix: Add a short prefix, e.g. “BCAZ”, to ensure your Invoices have unique numbers that also identify where they were created. from.
  • Decide what status Paid and Unpaid Invoices will have in Xero.
  • Enable Automatic Invoice Numbers if desired. Read more about these here.
  • Select Due Date offset type, and due date offset.
  • Enter Tracking Codes if required.

2. Map Tax Codes

Sync Avaza Invoices with Xero

Figure: Map Tax Codes with Xero

You will need to map tax codes in Avaza to tax codes in Xero using the drop-downs. All available taxes in your Xero account will be displayed and you will easily be able to choose the correct ones. You can read more about Taxes in Xero here.

3. Create New Items in Xero

Sync Avaza Invoices with Xero

Figure: Map Inventory Items and Income / Expense Accounts

Confirm how you want to pass over Inventory Items to Xero, as well as the default Income and Expense Accounts you wish to map your revenue and expenses to.

Note: If you do not enable this setting, Invoice sync will fail every time a matching product is not found in Xero. 

4. Send Payments from Avaza to Xero.

Sync Avaza Invoices with Xero

Figure: Map Payment Accounts to Send Payments from Avaza to Xero

If you prefer to apply payments in Xero instead then configure this option. Whenever you apply payments to invoices in Xero those payments will be created in Avaza automatically. Choose the default payment method you will like to you use when creating payments in Avaza.

5. Send Payments from Xero to Avaza.

Sync Avaza Invoices with Xero

Figure: Map Payment Accounts to Send Payments from Avaza to Xero

Choose how you wish to mark payments in Xero when you receive payments on Avaza Invoices.

Click Save. Now you can sync Avaza Invoices with Xero!

3. Sync Avaza Invoices with Xero!

Figure: Switch on Sync

Once your integration is set up, click on the link provided (shown above) or open the Sync tab to sync Avaza Invoices with Xero.

Sync Avaza Invoices with Xero Figure: Choose when you want the Invoices to Sync from, and Turn the Integration on 

On the Sync tab, you will be able to choose your Account Timezone, and the date you wish to start the sync from. You can choose a date in the past if required to do a bulk sync for current data existing in your Avaza account.

Once you are ready to begin, turn the integration on. You can also pause this integration if needed. While the integration runs on the hour, you can force a sync by using the Sync Now button.

Sync Avaza Invoices with Xero Figure: Pause the Integration, or Manually Start a Sync

3. View Synced Data 

View all data that has been synced on the Data tab. This includes Invoices, Contacts, Inventory Items, Taxes and more.

Sync Avaza Invoices with XeroFigure: View Synced Data on the Data Tab 

You can use this tab to check data synced with your connected apps as well as search through data.  

4. Get Help 

Should you need support from our integration partner OneSaas, you can click on the Help tab. Of course, the Avaza team is here 24/7 to help you set up, and manage your integrations as well.

We hope you all enjoy this new integration!

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