Schedule the Automatic Delivery of Reports!

We’re excited to announce another powerful new enterprise-class Avaza feature. You can now schedule the generation and automatic delivery of your Saved Reports.

This means you can choose any report, save a customized set of parameters for the report, and choose to have it automatically delivered to multiple people on a regular interval.

We expect this new feature will save time and help ensure the right information gets to the right people to improve your team’s processes & decision making.

Steps to create your first scheduled report:

1) In the Reports menu, run a report, select your desired parameters and Preview the result.

Figure: Preview your desired report

2) Save the report, and provide a useful name and description.

Figure: Save the report

3) Go to Reports > Saved Reports, and you will see your saved report, with a link to Schedule it. Choose your delivery settings, and Save the schedule.

Automatic Delivery of ReportsFigure: Open Saved Reports and schedule the report as needed 

The Report delivery schedule can be any interval of days or months, from your chosen start date, e.g. every 7 days, every 3 months etc. You can specify how many times the schedule will repeat, or choose for it to repeat forever.

Reports are delivered via email, to the Avaza users/contacts you select, with both a link to a downloadable copy of the report, as well as a copy attached to the email (for file sizes is up to 3 Megabytes). You can also choose the report format as Adobe Acrobat (.PDF) or Excel (.XLSX).

At any time you can view the number of times a Saved Report has been delivered, and pause or cancel future deliveries.

This is a beta release of this feature, and we’ll be making tweaks and improvements based on our analysis and your feedback.

Thanks for supporting Avaza, and we’ll be back soon with more cool features!

Kind regards,

The Avaza Team

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  1. Trent Charlton says:

    Will this allow me to share a report that includes the details around the clients I have met or spoken with so I do not need to bill my clients weekly and they can still get the benefit of seeing my efforts.

    1. Nida Rasheed says:

      Hi 🙂 Yes, you can send these reports automatically to an external contact as well! It will be delivered to them via email too.

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