Introducing a More Modern and Intuitive Avaza!

We hope you’re enjoying the new Avaza look! This modern and intuitive design aims to improve user experience while making Avaza faster and more efficient to work with.

While redesigning Avaza, we took into consideration all the feedback we’ve received over the last 4 years from users. Requests to see more data on one page, simplified navigation and reduced clicks to get to important pages were at the top of the list. So that’s what we did!

Figure: A new look for Avaza!

Here’s some of what’s changed.

Collapsed/Expanded Side Navigation

Figure: The Side Menu can be Collapsed and Expanded 

Our main navigation is now a collapsible menu on the left side of the screen. Users will still only see modules based on their access level, and there is an additional Help module which directs users to our in-app documentation, as well as our 24/7 support team 🙂

Moving the navigation bar to the side makes better use of space on most screens and will allow us to add additional modules to Avaza without overcrowding the menu in the future.

Menu Bar

Figure: The Menu bar contains Contextual Page Tab, Global Timer and more

Moving the top navigation to the side left us with more space on the screen, so we’ve moved page titles and common actions to the new Menu Bar at the top of the page.

These include contextual page tabs, the Global Timer, Create button, Activity Feed and User Profile.

Figure: The Menu bar includes the Global Timer, Activity Feed and User Profile 

On Project page, the Menu bar shows not only the Project Name, but the Project Settings button and the inner tabs for the project (summary, tasks, and files).

Figure: Project Settings can be accessed via the Menu Bar


Right below the Menu Bar, we now have the Toolbar. The Toolbar contains actions relevant to the page you’re on. You can see filter options, and other action items you would ordinarily find on this page.

modern and intuitive
Figure: The Toolbar contains buttons relevant to the page being viewed

This redesign also opens the way for more enhancements, like new features and improvements to functionality, that we will be making over the course of the year.

We hope you enjoy the new design. Do let us know in the comments

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  1. Very nice, change!
    please add: gantt chart overview (all gantt charts stacked above each other so we have an overview of all projects). Kind of weird that such a feature is missing in a project management app.

    also add: titles for invoices. so items can be grouped in the invoice for a better overview.

    1. Nida Rasheed says:

      Hi Steve,

      You can view All Tasks in list-view, however, we don’t currently support this in Gantt charts.

      You can also group data on Invoices in different ways. Please feel free to email if you have any more questions or suggestions.

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