New Expense Dashboard Widget

We are excited to add the new Expense Summary widget to the Avaza Account dashboard. You can learn more about the Account Dashboard here.

Expense Summary Widget

This widget is useful for visualising Expenses in your account’s base currency on the Avaza Account dashboard. 

Click the “Add to Dashboard” button and select the Expense Summary widget from the list. The widget will be added to the Account Dashboard page. 

You can configure the widget instance by clicking the settings cog button (<insert icon here>) at the top right of the widget. Here are the available settings.

  • Title > Rename the instance of the widget from the default name to make it more meaningful.
  • Default Date Range > List of predefined date ranges are available such as This Week, This Month, Today etc. Select the default you prefer.
  • Group By > Select the field you will like to group your timesheet data by. For example, group by Merchant to see the suppliers you are spending the most with. 

You can add multiple instances of the same widget to see data grouped by a different field or different date range. Like all other widgets, you can drag and drop and resize the widgets as desired.

All users with Admin or Timesheet / Expense role can access this widget.

We hope you enjoy this new feature.

Best wishes,
The Avaza Team

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