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Avaza API – Webhook Notifications

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Avaza’s API supports sending you webhook notifications for a whole range of events.

Webhook notifications are used by developers to automate processes in one system as events happen in another. For example, developer could subscribe to ‘invoice_sent’ event, and have one of their webpages automatically notified whenever an invoice is Sent, or Marked as Sent in Avaza.

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Avaza API – Authentication with OAuth2

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Avaza API supports the common OAuth2 Authentication standard for authenticating your service/app/site to access our apis.
At first OAuth2 might seem a little tricky, but it’s a good formalization of a bunch of best practices, and the flexibility and security it brings is worth it.

OAuth2 includes several different ‘flows’ to support different types of services.
The most common are Authorization Code flow for server-to-server integrations, and the Implicit flow, for connecting to browser/single-page/mobile apps.

Avaza supports both of these.

We support and encourage use of the PKCE extension on the OAuth2 code flow for Mobile & SPA apps.

Avaza’s ‘Swagger’ API documentation can be found at
The swagger documentation iteself uses the OAuth2 Implicit Flow to allow you to test api calls within the browser.

Avaza also supports Personal Access Token method for your developers to conveniently authenticate one-off apps and scripts. You can learn more about this method by following this link.

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Avaza adds support for 500+ integrations

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Today we’re excited to announce support for a large number of integrations with your favourite apps.
This includes popular Accounting, CRM & Productivity apps.  Apps like, Xero, QuickBooks & Salesforce.

We’ve added Avaza to the popular Zapier cloud integration platform to make this possible.
Zapier  allows you to connect a large number of popular cloud apps via configurable ‘Zaps’.
These zaps link a ‘trigger’ from one app, to an ‘action’ in another app. For example, whenever a task is created in Avaza, a corresponding event could be created in Google Calendar.

Your team can get started with Zapier for free and immediately start linking Avaza to many of the 500+ apps on Zapier. Let your imagination run wild!

To get started, follow this Invitation Link to access Avaza in Zapier.

As always, we look forward to your feedback.

Tim & Behram
Avaza Co-founders

Avaza introduces Globalized Number & Currency support

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We’re excited to announce support for globalized number formats in Avaza, and improved multi-currency support.

From today, users will see and enter numbers in the formats they expect in their native country, based on the language & locale selected in their browser.

e.g. langauge- locale,  number format:
de-DE:  1.254,36 (German users in Germany)
fr-Fr:     1 254,36 (French users in France)
en-US:  1,254.36 (English users in United States)

You can easily adjust the locale you see through your browser’s own settings screen. Read More

Avaza adds Stripe Payment support

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We’re excited to announce support for Stripe among Avaza’s invoice payment providers.
Stripe is one of the world’s most popular payment gateways, and allows you to receive credit card payments without a merchant account.

You can now quickly link your existing Stripe account, or create a new Stripe account on the fly, and start receiving credit card payments from customers in 135+ currencies. Read More

Avaza launches powerful Timesheet Approvals

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Since this article was published, we have updated Timesheet Approvals. You can get updated information here.

We’re pleased to announce the launch of Avaza’s powerful and flexible new Timesheet Approval functionality.

Flexible enforcement of Timesheet Approvals

In the past customers have impressed on us the need to have optional timesheet approvals. So no need to worry if your business doesn’t need them, as these won’t suddenly get in your way.

So how flexible is our design? Well we don’t require you turn on approvals for your whole account, for a specific user, or for an entire project. Read More

Avaza’s new Estimates module released

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Since this article was published, we have updated our Estimates module. You can get updated information here.

We’re excited to announce the release of the Estimates module for Avaza.
Starting today, all customers on both Free and Paid plans will have access to this module.

So what does it mean for you?

Well the Estimates module allows you to create & send estimates/quotes to clients, and track responses.
Creating an estimate is a lot like creating an invoice. You assign an estimate to a client/customer, add line items, descriptions, expiry date & notes.

Estimates can be customized and branded via templates just like Invoices. You can also customize the email template used when sending Estimates & sending Estimate Reminders.

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Avaza adds Paypal Payment support

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We’re excited to announce support for Paypal among Avaza’s invoice payment providers.
Paypal is one of the more popular payment providers that doesn’t require you to set up a merchant account with a bank.

You can quickly link your existing Paypal account, and start receiving credit card payments from customers in the currencies supported by Paypal.

To get started, log into your Avaza account and go to Settings Cog > Online Payments.
Then add a Paypal provider. You’ll just need to enter your Paypal email. Be careful to make sure you’ve got the email address correct, as at time of writing Paypal still doesn’t have a good way for us to check your email is correct.
Once you’ve set up a link to Paypal, you can enable the provider on any of your Invoice Templates via Settings Cog > Invoice Settings.

For invoices in supported currencies, a Pay Now button will be displayed allowing your customers to pay you immediately.
Both full and partial invoice payments are supported, and when payments are received they are automatically recorded into your Avaza account and you will receive an email notification..

We hope you enjoy this new integration, and we look forward to your feedback.

Kind Regards,

Tim & Behram
Avaza Founders