Avaza introduces Globalized Number & Currency support

We’re excited to announce support for globalized number formats in Avaza, and improved multi-currency support.

From today, users will see and enter numbers in the formats they expect in their native country, based on the language & locale selected in their browser.

e.g. langauge- locale,  number format:
de-DE:  1.254,36 (German users in Germany)
fr-Fr:     1 254,36 (French users in France)
en-US:  1,254.36 (English users in United States)

You can easily adjust the locale you see through your browser’s own settings screen.
To avoid confusion, you will notice number entry fields in avaza include formatted placeholders to indicate the expected number format when editing timesheets, expenses & invoices.
When viewing online invoices you have issued, your clients will automatically see numbers in the format that makes sense to them.

Avaza also ensures all global currencies are entered and displayed with the correct number of decimal places.

¥ 1200 (Japanese Yen, 0 decimal places)
฿ 3,46245213 (Bitcoin, 8 decimal places)

This continues our investment into developing a platform that recognizes the unique customs and conventions of our global customer base (120+ countries and counting).
Thanks for your continued support & encouragement!

Kind regards,

Tim & Behram
Avaza Co-founders

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