Avaza launches powerful Timesheet Approvals

Since this article was published, we have updated Timesheet Approvals. You can get updated information here.

We’re pleased to announce the launch of Avaza’s powerful and flexible new Timesheet Approval functionality.

Flexible enforcement of Timesheet Approvals

In the past customers have impressed on us the need to have optional timesheet approvals. So no need to worry if your business doesn’t need them, as these won’t suddenly get in your way.

So how flexible is our design? Well we don’t require you turn on approvals for your whole account, for a specific user, or for an entire project.
Instead we allow you to enable approvals for select members of a project, i.e. at the Project member level.
To save time, you can set default values at higher levels, such per project, so that any new project members will automatically have timesheet approval switched on.

Project level approval settings
Project level approval settings


Elegant Workflow with Notifications

When approvals are enabled for a project member, their timesheets for that project will automatically be saved as Draft, and in both timesheet Day and Week views a ‘Submit for Approval’ button will allow you to submit timesheets for approval.

Once submitted, timesheets enter ‘Pending Approval’ state and users with the Timesheet Approver role on that project will receive an email notification, and the ability to review and selectively Approve those timesheets on the Pending Approval screen.
Approvers can also Reject timesheets with comments. When one or more timesheets are rejected, an email is sent to the timesheet user with the comments and a list of the rejected timesheet entries.

Approved timesheets are displayed on the Approved Timesheets screen, where they can still be rejected.

As long as a timesheet is not already invoiced, timesheet users can edit a timesheet and it will revert to Draft status and is immediately ready to be resubmitted.

Timesheet Week View with status colour codes
Timesheet Week View with status colour codes


Easy Review of Submitted Timesheets

To ensure the approval process is fast yet flexible, we group timesheets by user and day. You can then bulk approve/reject timesheets or expand these groups down to the individual timesheet level to selectively review & approve. Easy!

Pending Approval with timesheet entry details expanded


Visual Colour Codes

You will notice that timesheets in Draft, Pending, Approved & Rejected states all appear with corresponding colour codes on each of the timesheet approval screens.

Timesheet Day View with approval status colours
Timesheet Day View with approval status colours


Ability for Customers to approve Timesheets

Both internal team members, and external contacts can be given the timesheet approver role. This allows your customer contacts to approve your timesheets if desired.

Assign Timesheet Approver role to contacts
Assign Timesheet Approver role to contacts


Reliable Data Security

To ensure data security, a user needs to have both the global Timesheet Approver role (via Settings Cog [icon color=”Extra-Color-3″ animation_speed=”Slow” size=”tiny” icon_size=”” animation_delay=”” image=”fa-cog”] > Users & Contacts) and project-level Timesheet Approver role (via the project’s Project Settings screen) enabled to see timesheets for any given project.

The reason we have both project and global level permissions, is so you can selectively give access to projects, while easily switching off the whole user at global level if required.

Works on your schedule

Some other timesheet systems only allow entire weeks to be submitted/rejected in one go. This can be overly restrictive when you really want to get invoices out the door or see up to date project progress.

Since Avaza’s approval workflow is maintained on each individual timesheet, your team can submit timesheets for approval at any time. Daily, weekly, whatever suits.

Locking of Approved Timesheets

You can optionally choose to lock approved timesheets from further editing by timesheet users. Approvers can still reject these entries and request changes.

Simply navigate to Settings Cog [icon color=”Extra-Color-3″ animation_speed=”Slow” size=”tiny” icon_size=”” animation_delay=”” image=”fa-cog”] > Timesheets page and switch the “Lock Approved Timesheets” setting on.



Invoice Protection

Only ‘Approved’ or ‘Auto Approved’ timesheets can be added to Invoices.
Timesheets that don’t require timesheet approval are saved as ‘Auto Approved’. They can still be rejected.

Useful Reports

Timesheet reports have been enhanced to allow filtering by the new timesheet statuses. This allows you to quickly identify outstanding draft, pending & uninvoiced timesheets.

We hope you find the new Timesheet Approval functionality useful. We look forward to hearing your comments & feedback.

Kind Regards,

Tim & Behram
Avaza Co-founders


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  1. Malinda Bailey says:

    Is there a way to set Timesheet Approvals by a Resource Manager (not Project Manager)? I have teams who have a manager that may not be working on the Project, but needs to review/approve time. I don’t want them to have access to all Project Team Members, just the ones who report to them.

    1. Omar Saleem says:

      Hi Malinda,

      While that’s not possible right now, I’ll go ahead and add your vote for this feature.

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