Introducing one-click Task Status update!

We’re happy to announce a new usability feature for those who frequently work with tasks.

You can now, with one click, update any task to its next status, by clicking on its colored status icon.

Here’s a little reminder of the status trifecta, and their update sequence:

Figure: Logic – One-click Task Status Change


Here’s what the update looks like in practice:

Note that depending on your task Filter settings, you may have configured to only show Outstanding (In Progress & Complete) tasks. So in this scenario, when a task is updated to Complete, it will become hidden.

At any time you can adjust the current task list’s Filter to show task of any status.

Figure: Clear task filters


Additionally, at the time you update a task, we also briefly display a confirmation message with a link to open that task.

We hope you enjoy this new time-saving feature!

All the best,

Avaza Team

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  1. Koen Windey says:

    Hi guys,

    it would also be helpful if you could move tasks to a different section in bulk. I suggest a tick box to select the tasks you want to move and then a right click menu for delete/move/status update options.

    Furthermore, please allow the API to change the SectionIDFK, to move tasks through the API.


  2. Is there a way to add a custom status column to a project workflow? Like ‘QA” or ‘Ready to Merge’ ?

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