I Love Avaza. Can you tell!

Business Type

Business Coach


St. Albans, UK


1 – 10 Employees

Their Story

“I’m Nadia Finer, and I help female solopreneurs go big with their business. When I learned to set aside my self-doubts, my confidence soared, and my income tripled. Now I help women push past the pesky inner-whisperings of self-doubt, and achieve big business success.”

I was looking for one tool to help me manage every aspect of my business.

What were the challenges?

I was looking for one tool to help me manage every aspect of my business. On the financial side, I wanted one simple way to track my invoices and expenses – something that would give me a clear picture of my financial position – instantly.

I work internationally, so I needed a tool that would enable me to invoice in different currencies too. And of course, I was looking for a way to get paid online – via Paypal or Stripe. Add to that the challenge of keeping track of each of my clients! I have around 50 clients in my Actionista Academy plus my one to one clients, so it’s a challenge to keep track of everyone’s progress. Happily, I found Avaza and it does all of those things – plus it doesn’t cost a fortune either.

I wanted one simple way to track my invoices and expenses – something
that would give me a clear picture of my financial position – instantly.

Nadia Finer – CEO

Their Victory

Avaza has been amazing! Before I started using it, I had the constant feeling that things in my business were a bit all over the place, that I didn’t really know what was going on. Now I know that with a click of a button I can access all the information I need to get a clear picture of my progress and my clients’ progress too.

The fact that my clients can pay me online simply and easily – is really important to them (and me!) I love the fact that they have a choice between Stripe and Paypal – because people like different things.
Also – it’s brilliant that each of my clients has their own project – this means that I can easily see where they’re at. They can ask me questions and send me files all within the system. And I can run a report that shows me everyone’s projects in one place. This is brilliant.
I really recommend Avaza for anyone running a service based business – where you want to keep track of your client projects and manage your finances all in one place.

Their Victory

Favorite Features

Email Collaboration

I really like the fact that I can reply to tasks by email and my response is kept on file.

Customer Portal

I like how easy it is for my clients to manage their to do’s and I can see exactly what’s going on.

Recurring Invoices

The recurring invoice feature has saved me loads and loads of time.