Productive consultants. Happier customers.

Business Type

IT Services


North Carolina, USA


10 – 50 Employees

Their Story

“IdentityNest is a fast-growing community of passionate technologists who seek to revolutionize the world of IAM software design industry. It was founded in 2012 to rapidly empower organizations to meet their toughest challenges with fully-customized business solutions based on proven methodologies and the latest technologies.”

We had realized that our current process was not scalable and we needed to invest in a tool that could streamline our processes.
That’s when we found Avaza.

What were the challenges?

The majority of IdentityNest consultants provide their services at the client site and are engaged on time & material basis. There was no structured mechanism to track time of our growing team of consultants. Some of our clients also wanted to approve consultants’ timesheets before receiving the invoice.

We were mostly using Microsoft Excel, Word & Emails for trackings consultants time. The time was mostly entered in Excel or Word and sent to the client on a weekly basis for approval. The approved client emails would then be forwarded to the finance department for client invoicing.

We had realized that our current process was not scalable and we needed to invest in a tool that could streamline our processes. That’s when we found Avaza.

We required a system that allowed our customer contacts to approve timesheets. The email approval process was both frustrating and extremely time-consuming.

Yerri LalgondarCIO

Their Victory

We researched many tools in the marketplace and shortlisted Avaza & one other tool that were the closest fit for our requirements.

We loved the look and feel of Avaza user interface. It was easy to navigate through the application and discover features. Avaza is available on mobile devices making it an ideal fit for our consultants who are mostly on the move.

We now have happier customers as the invoices are based on approved timesheets. Our consultants are more productive as they need to spend less time on administrative tasks such as filling excel spreadsheets and emailing them around. All our data is in one centralized repository allowing us to access past data and look for areas of improvement.

Their Victory

Favorite Features

Timesheet Approvals

With Avaza, timesheet entries are now reviewed and approved by the designated client contact, and all the relevant details are captured against each entry making the invoicing process straightforward. We can predict our cash flow without the fear of any delays in the payment process.

Weekly Timesheet Reminders

We don’t need to manually send emails to consultants to fill in their timesheets. Avaza timesheet reminders are only sent to users who have submitted timesheets for less than their standard working hours. We have seen a significant improvement in weekly timesheet submissions since adopting Avaza.

Report Exports

We use a separate accounting system and need to export our timesheet details into that system. Avaza report exports are really useful. We can easily export the data in a flat csv file for the nominated date range, making minor changes and upload it into our accounting system. It saves us many hours each week.