Improved Timesheet & Expense Approval Workflows

Greetings Avazers! We have introduced a popularly requested enhancement to the Timesheet & Expense approval workflows. You can now nominate Default Timesheet & Expense Approvers for each user. 

Improved Notifications during Approvals:

Whenever a user submits timesheets or expenses for approval, the Default Timesheet & Expense Approver will be notified.

There is no need to nominate a Timesheet Approver per project anymore. However, if you do nominate a project level Timesheet Approver, they will also be notified in addition to the default Timesheet Approver. This allows for both project-based and default manager based approval workflows. Awesome!

To make sure someone is always notified when Timesheets/Expenses are submitted, in the scenario no Project level Approver has been set up, and no Default Approver has been assigned, then all Admins will be notified as usual.

So, How do you manage Default Approvers?

For any user, you can open up their record in Contacts area, and you will see a new Hierarchy tab. There are dropdowns to select who will approve the user’s Timesheets & Expenses, as well as a list of other users whom they are the Approvers of.

So if a manager is leaving the company or changing departments you can easily identify the users reporting to them and update their default Approver settings.

Figure 1: Edit Team Member > Approval Tab

Can I filter to only see things I need to Approve?

Absolutely! A new filter has been added to the Expense & Timesheet approval pages to filter the Expense/Timesheet list that needs to be approved by you as a Default Manager. This flexibility means if another manager goes on holidays, you can easily toggle to see pending Timesheets/Expenses they were meant to approve.

Figure 2: Expense Approvals > Filter Popup with the new filter field
Figure 3: Filter Timesheets by Default Timesheet Approver

This features should save you time and improve your experience with approvals. They give you finer control over who receives notifications, and the ability to more easily focus on the things you need to approve.

We hope you enjoy this new feature and look forward to your feedback!

Best wishes,

The Avaza Team

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