Seamlessly Share Files via Google Drive & Dropbox Integrations

We’re happy to launch our new Google Drive & Dropbox Integrations, which allow you to attach files you already have in your cloud drives to Avaza Tasks, Task Comments, Quotes and Invoices.

This means you can now keep all you documents in one place, and link to them easily when required via the Add Attachment button on Tasks, Task Comments, Quotes and Invoices. It is easy to link any photos, videos, Photoshop, Excel or other files stored in Dropbox or Google Drive to Avaza. No need to download large files from one system and then upload them to another system!

This integration has lots of advantages

  • Access the latest versions of files without re-uploading them
  • Know that you’re always seeing the latest version of your original Dropbox/GoogleDrive file
  • View full-sized previews for popular file types without downloading them
  • Browse your entire document management library with a couple of clicks.

You can also take advantage of other Google Drive and Dropbox features, such as annotations on documents, permission-based access and free storage space.

Google Drive & Dropbox IntegrationFigure: Click Add Attachment to Attach Files from Dropbox or Google Drive

  1. Click Add Attachment on Task, Task Comments, Quotes or Invoices.
  2. Connect to your Dropbox or Google Drive account
  3. Browse or search for files and folders
  4. Choose the document you wish to upload.

Accessing Files Added via Google Drive & Dropbox

A small Dropbox or Google Drive icon displays which app the file has been uploaded from. Uploaded files are linked to the live version of the file on Dropbox / Google Drive and are available for viewing based on your Dropbox or Google Drive permission settings.

Your team members can click on the View button to view a preview of the file if available or download it if required. They can make changes to the document online, or leave comments on the file.

Files stored on Google Drive or Dropbox and attached in Avaza do not use your Avaza storage quota.

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  1. Please add OneDrive support. Office 365 integration in general (SSO, onedrive, Flow, etc.) would be huge.

    1. Tim Kremer says:

      Hi Mike,
      Thanks for the feedback! We’ll add your vote for OneDrive/Flow/office365 support etc.
      By the way, in addition to OneDrive/Flow, are there any specific Office 365 integration points you’d find useful?

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