Create Detailed Timesheets with Start/End Time Support

Start/end times for timesheets

Enjoy better time tracking with our new Start/End time support for Timesheets. So far, you could only enter a duration in Avaza Timesheets, but now you can check in and check out throughout the day while keeping track of the exact time you worked on them.

This information can be displayed on timesheets, timesheet details reports and invoices. With this setting switched on, you can enter Start/End time on timesheets, or continue to enter just the duration.

Enabling Start/End Time

Start/End time setting is switched off by default. To enable it, head over to Settings > Timesheet Settings.

Figure: Enable Start/End Time by Navigating to Settings > Timesheet Settings

Toggle the “Enable Start and End time on all Timesheets” option on to start using Start & End time. By default, Start & End time is entered in AM/PM, but you can also switch over to the 24-hour clock.

Entering Start/End Time

When Start/End time is enabled, the timesheet entry popup will display Start & End time fields along with the duration field. This option will be visible on all timesheet popups, including those on Tasks.

Figure: Enter Start/End Time on Timesheets

Here are the ways in which you can use this field:

  • If you Click Start Timer, the Start Time field will be populated with the current time. When you stop the timer, the End Time Field will be populated for you.
  • Enter a Start Time, and click Start Timer. The system will use the entered start time, and start the timer. If the Start Time entered is in the past, it will automatically calculate and display the correct duration for this timesheet entry in the Duration field.
  • You can also enter a value for any two of the three fields: Start Time, End Time or Duration, and Avaza will automatically calculate the third for you.

When you copy over previous week’s, or day’s, timesheet entries, the Start/End time will not be copied over.

Figure: Viewing Start/End Time on Timesheet Entry

All timesheet entries without Start & End time will be displayed at the top of the timesheet list, and the timesheets with Start & End time will be displayed chronologically below it.

Start/End Time Format and Maximum Duration

Start & End time can be entered in any valid time format. A single timesheet duration cannot exceed 24 hours. If you stop a timer or enter a duration that is greater than 24 hours, the timesheet entry will show a maximum of 24 hours entered.

Updating Timesheets with or without Start/End Time

You can continue to run a timer on an existing entry. This will create a duplicate timesheet with the new current start time.

When you update the duration on a timesheet entry with Start& End time, it will update the end time for you. This is also true for updating timesheet entries in week-view.

Here’s what happens when you restart the timer on a duration-only entry:

  • Restarting timer on entry from today will increment the duration only.
  • Restarting timer on an older entry will create a new copy in the current day and start the timer.

Timesheet Details Report

Start/End TimeFigure: Timesheet Details Report Includes Column for Start/End Time

The Timesheet Details report has a new column that can be added to it which will display Start & End time for timesheet entries, with entries sorted based on start time for each date chronologically.

Start/End Time on Invoices

Start & End time field is one of the fields that can now be added to the Invoice line-item description. It will be displayed right after the Date on the description. The entries will also be inserted into the Invoice chronologically based on Start time.

Start/End TimeFigure: Display Start/End Time on Invoices

We hope you’ll enjoy this new feature! Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. Kyle Kingwill says:

    Hi There,

    When you integrate Avaza with Xero will you be able to push the timesheet expense across to the various projects on Xero?


    1. Nida Rasheed says:

      Hi Kylie,
      Our current integration with Xero revolves around accounting (passing invoices, payments etc) but we are looking into a timesheet integration. Could you please let us know which data you would like to pass over by emailing Thanks!

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