Avaza Adds Support for Fixed Amount Payments

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Do you need to bill based on time as well as fixed amount? Now you can. Many customers had asked us to add support for Fixed Amount payments that would allow them to bill clients for specific jobs, such as editing, writing and others that are agreed on a fixed price basis.

Avaza has just launched a Billable Fixed Amount feature that will allow you to add individual billable items to your tasks that can later be pulled into invoices. This can also be used for milestone payments.

For example, if you’re writing landing page copy, and have agreed a fixed price, you can now use this feature to add a rate for research, writing, editing etc right into the task you’re working on, and then add these items straight into your next invoice. You can also use this feature for milestone payments by nominating certain tasks as milestones and entering fixed amounts details.

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Add Attachments to Estimates & Invoices with Avaza!

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Since this article was published, we have updated our Estimates and Invoice modules. You can get updated information about Invoices and Estimates here.

Avaza just launched a new feature that allows user to upload one or more attachments to existing Estimates or Invoices. Users can then share these Estimates or Invoices with their customers using the Email or Web View options.

Here’s a quick overview of the feature and how it works.

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Avaza integration with QuickBooks

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For professional services companies, Avaza is an ideal tool for boosting productivity – it allows for smooth management of tasks, time & expense tracking and invoicing. However, for accounting and tax needs, many companies use popular accounting software QuickBooks. For such companies, it would be awesome to streamline the experience of using both software in conjunction, by automating any required scenarios. For instance, every time an invoice is marked as sent in Avaza, it should pop up as a new invoice in QuickBooks, to make sure all Avaza invoices are accurately and completely recorded in QuickBooks for tax purposes. Read More