Call Out Users in Task Comments with @Mentions

Tag team members using our new @mention functionality to ensure no one misses out on an important task comment.

Now you can easily @mention project members with project collaborator role (or Admin role) in task comments. Simply type @, and then start typing the name or use the drop-down list to choose an appropriate team member.

@mentionsFigure: @Mention Project Members to Call their Attention to Relevant Messages

The list shows you all the project collaborators (or Admin users) on the project, including external contacts. It will not display anyone that is not allowed to comment on a task. If you are tagging an external contact in an Internal Note, they will not receive any notification.

The user that has been tagged will receive an email notification as well. This notification is slightly different from the usual task comment notification.

@mentionsFigure: Email Task Notifications for @Mentions

Manage Avaza Task notifications more efficiently in your inbox by filtering tasks you’re mentioned in, and marking them as important.

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