Avaza Releases More Flexible Invoice Templates

We’re excited to announce new and improved Quote & Invoice templates. The new design has an updated modern aesthetic and more flexibility in the layout, color scheme and branding. You can create as many templates as you like to suit your brand(s).

Here’s what you can expect from this new upgrade.

1. The World’s Prettiest Invoice

Sure, that’s a subjective claim, but our design team have worked hard to design an invoice that balances form and function with stunning aesthetics.

Figure: Create Beautifully Customized Invoices

2. Select Color Schemes that Match your Company Brand

Make Avaza’s new invoice design your own.

If you’ve been waiting for a chance to customize your Quotes & Invoices so that they match your company logo, this is your day! The new template has been specially designed to have a neutral aesthetic that is easily matched to your brand by selecting a Featured color. We recommend choosing a color to match one of the colors in your logo.

Invoice TemplatesFigure: Change Featured Background Color on Quotes & Invoices

You can do this by opening the Template popup, and choosing the drop-down next to the Featured Background Color.

Here’s how your preferred featured color appears on the invoice

Figure: Match Invoice Colors to your Company Brand

3. Override Company Name & Address

You can run multiple brands from the same Avaza account by creating multiple invoices templates, one for each brand and setting the Company Name and Address details to use.

Figure: Override Default Company Name & Address for Each Template

4. Show & Hide Columns

Don’t need the Unit Price column? Now you can easily remove it. Our Quotes & Invoices are now super-customizable.
Here is a list of fields you can choose to show or hide:

  • Currency
  • Subject
  • Discount
  • Inventory
  • Description
  • Unit Price & Quantity
  • Tax Column

Figure: Change the Invoice/Quote Layout as Needed

5. Flexible Display of Taxes

Are you legally required to disclose every tax rate, including components? The new template allows you to choose between 6 different ways for displaying taxes:

Figure: Flexibly Choose how you Disclose your Taxes

  • Single Tax Subtotal: All your taxes combined in a single row.
  • All Tax Rates: Each tax rate is displayed as a separate row.
  • All Tax Component Rates: Each tax component rate is displayed on a separate row.
  • Don’t Display Tax: No tax rate is displayed.
  • Non 0% Tax Rates: Only tax rates with non-zero amounts are displayed.
  • Non 0% Tax Components: Only tax components with non-zero amounts are displayed.

6. Group Timesheets & Expenses Separately

When time and expenses are added to an invoice, you would often find yourself with a long list of line items with no grouping. Avaza now includes an option to “Group Timesheets & Expenses Separately”.

Figure: Group Expenses, Timesheets and Other Line-Items

With this setting switched on, Expenses and Timesheets will be grouped under an Expenses and Timesheets header, respectively, and the all other line items will be included in the General header. Fixed Billable Amounts will also be included in this grouping.

You can override the header labels for all these groupings if required.

7. Override all Labels

Every piece of text that appears on Avaza Quotes & Invoices can be overridden. This allows you to comply with local regulations, as well as send invoices in multiple languages.

Figure: Override Quote & Invoice Labels 

8. Edit Templates while Working on Quotes & Invoices

Now you can edit your invoice templates while viewing the Invoice or Quote you just created.

invoice templatesFigure: Edit Quote/Invoice Template from Quote/Invoice Details Page

There is now an Edit button right next to the Template name, which opens the Edit Template popup. Here you can make any changes you need to the current template you are using.

Do you have any requests for future Quote & Invoice templates? Thoughts on the new upgrade? Please let us know in the comments!

The Avaza Team

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  1. The flexible invoices are one of the things that drew me to use Avaza over some of the other solutions; nice work! I think an incredible feature to add would be the ability to preview what the template you’re editing looks like in real-time. That would make it much easier to stylize. Thanks again!

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