Assign Unique Project Codes to Projects

Avaza is happy to announce some new highly-requested functionality: Project Codes!

We have added support for enabling a unique Project Code to be associated with every Project. This is particularly useful for teams who juggle large numbers of similar projects for many clients and want a unique way to reference them.

You can enable Project Codes on your company  Avaza account via Settings > Project Management Settings.

Project Codes can be assigned Automatically or Manually.

Figure - Project Code Methods

When Manual, you will see a new Project Code text field when you create projects. You can put any unique code you like in there. 

Figure: New Project Code field on Project Create Popup

When Automatic, you can specify a common Prefix to use (e.g. “P” or “PROJ”) and a starting number for an automatically incremented sequence. Then Avaza will automatically generate the next Project Code in the sequence for each new project. (e.g. “P0003”, “P0004” etc.)

Figure: Automatic Project Codes Configuration

Once a Project Code is assigned, you will see it as a prefix to the Project’s title throughout Avaza. 

We look forward to your feedback on the new functionality!

Kind regards,
Avaza Team.

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  1. It’s a nice feature, however to make the code become more meaningful, it would be nice to have a prefix by client and to give the possibility to include some time information (e.g. the year of the project start). We currently do apply a naming convention in the “Name” field to have a client 4-letter code and the year before the unique number.
    This would give a lot more information when just looking at the project code, while a unique number doesn’t really help that much.

    1. Behram Khan says:

      Hi Sandro, thanks for your comment. I completely understand that an auto-generated Project code may not work for all. That is why you can switch to manual mode and enter the project code while creating the project based on your convention.

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