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Productivity – New Rules of the Game

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We all know that the world of work is becoming increasingly complex and competitive. Every other day a depressing new study tells us that modern work structures and processes are failing us. That we are overworked but unproductive, saturated with information, disengaged, watch too many cat videos at work, blah blah…

But why would we watch those enticing cats rather than getting work done? Are we as workers bored, tired, frustrated or simply slothful?

Productivity is the holy grail of businesses and organisations, but we seem to be seeking it in the wrong places. What makes employees more productive? Is it a finely defined process and command structure? Stringent accountability mechanisms or robust performance indicators? A lot of modern businesses focus on these key areas. But as Yves Morieux of BCG recently points out in an illuminating talk, the new frontier of productivity is cooperation – how you interact, collaborate and combine efforts with your team to go for the collective win for your business.

So it’s worthwhile to ask yourself how well you cooperate with others in pursuit of your work goals. Are your organisation’s reward and accountability mechanisms actually getting in the way of achieving your overall mission? Do you have the tools available to foster internal and external communication? Are you and your team focusing your energies on the right outlets that would enable productivity?

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