Avaza and Xero Integration

Combine Avaza & Xero so your business has a powerful all-in-one solution for team Project Management & Resource Management, Time tracking & Financials.

Here is what Avaza has to offer

Avaza is the Leading, All-in-one, Professional Services consulting platform

Resource Scheduling
Project Management
Time and Expense Tracking
Quoting and Invoicing

Connect Xero with Avaza

Powerful, instant two-way integration sync with Xero. Here are the workflows we support.

Adding Invoice

When an invoice is created in Avaza, create a new invoice in Xero

Updating Invoice

When an invoice is updated in Avaza update the linked invoice in Xero

Applying Payment in Avaza

When a payment is applied to an Avaza invoice create and apply the payment in Xero

Applying Payment in Xero

When a payment is applied in Xero create and apply the payment in Avaza

Some other magic happens along the way

New Avaza customers are automatically created in Xero

New Avaza Products & Services are automatically created in Xero

Avaza taxes are configured to Xero taxes while setting up the integration

The above workflows provide the flexibility to manage your projects and related invoices in Avaza while keeping your books in order with Xero. You can process invoice payments in Xero and our integration will automatically sync these payments to Avaza keeping you updated on outstanding payments.

We plan to continue adding support for additional integration points with Xero in future.

How to connect your Avaza and Xero account? Read More

What is Xero?

Xero is a popular online accounting software, however on its own it is not an all-in-one solution for teams & consulting companies.
It lacks powerful team resource scheduling, project management, flexible time based billing, project accounting & reporting.
By combining with Avaza, businesses become more productive, save significant time, open new revenue opportunities and make better decisions.