At Avaza, securing your data is our highest priority

Key Features


We use TLS1.2+ encryption on all data in transit. We also store and encrypt multiple copies of all data at rest.

Preventing Intrusions

Your data is protected by firewalls, DDOS prevention, and regular patching of operating system & application layer infrastructure.

Back Ups and Monitoring

Avaza has active monitoring of infrastructure to ensure consistent and reliable performance & availability. All data is backed up regularly and stored in multiple backup sites using an automated process.

Authorized Access

We have a strict limited number of personnel who can be authorized by account admins to look at their data, if required.

Security First

Avaza prioritizes addressing bug reports & security vulnerabilities over new feature development.

Uptime & Availability

Avaza maintains a fault-tolerant environment with multiple load-balanced & fail-over servers to ensure high availability of the service.

Disaster Recovery

We have strong policies that encompass several disaster recovery scenarios, such as server failures, data centre failures, and data loss. These policies describe steps for performing full server/database recovery, with redundant copies of data stored across multiple data recovery sites.

Security Audits

Avaza has gone through rigorous penetration testing by multiple, independent professionals & security firms. We continue to strengthen our security infrastructure based on these third-party audits.

Secure payments with PCI Compliance

All payments in Avaza are secured by PCI standards (SAQ-A). Card data never passes through or gets stored in our servers.

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