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$ 0 USD/mo


$11.95 USD/mo


$23.95 USD/mo


$47.95 USD/mo


$ 0 USD/mo


$ 11.95 USD/mo


$ 23.95 USD/mo


$ 47.95 USD/mo

– VAT will be added for customers in the UK and Isle of Man
* Those users who need to be scheduled to work on projects.

All Plans Include


Can I start for free?

Yes absolutely. When you create your account you start on the free plan. No credit card details are required.
When you’re ready, you can upgrade your team to a paid plan.

How can I pay for my Avaza subscription?

You can pay for your Avaza subscription via Credit Card (Visa/MasterCard/AMEX) or Paypal.

What do the different user roles mean?

Project users can create and respond to tasks. Chat users can instantly message teams & customers in Channels & Direct Chats. Timesheet/Expense users can create and submit timesheets & expenses. Scheduling users can be scheduled to work on projects via our Resource Scheduling module. Invoice users can perform invoice, payment and credit functions. Admin users can access all Avaza functionality. Read more.

Can I add more Admin / Invoice users?

Yes, you can add more Admin/Invoice users to your account for $7 per user per month. This can be done from the Avaza Subscription page.

What are your plan periods?

All our paid plans are billed monthly from the day you upgrade to one of our paid plans. For instance, if you upgrade to a paid plan on 15th March your account will be charged on the 15th of each month.

Can I downgrade or cancel my plan?

Yes! Downgrading is easy. Just make sure your account is within the allowed limits of the lower plan. Please note you cannot downgrade plans or addons for 1 day after adjusting your subscription. It will be a shame to see you leave but you can cancel your subscription at any point. Just contact support and we will process your request.

How do I upgrade to a paid subscription?

It’s easy! After sign-up, go to the Manage >Subscription page and choose a more powerful plan.