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Now You Can Track Time from Anywhere in Avaza

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One of the most frequently asked questions we’re asked at Avaza is if there is a way to track time from elsewhere in the app besides the Timesheets module, or if timesheet entries can be created from within tasks themselves.

Today we’re announcing our new Global Timesheet functionality, and Timesheet Entry on Tasks, that allows you to do this and much more.

Track Time - Global Timesheet TrackerFigure: Start/Stop Timer and Timesheet Access from Navigation Bar

Here is how we’ve simplified time tracking:

  1. Start and Stop timers from anywhere in Avaza with our new Global Time Tracker button in the main menu.
  2. One click to view a daily timesheets popup from any screen. Also in the top menu
  3. New Time Estimate icon allows you to quickly access timesheets details for a particular task, and track how far along you are towards its completion.
  4. View, Add & Edit timesheets on any Tasks from within your Projects and My Tasks screens

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Visualise Estimated Time vs Actual Time spent on Tasks

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We’ve added a cool new way to see how much time you’ve tracked against Tasks in your Avaza Projects.
View task estimates, actual duration and remaining hours left on your tasks so you can easily analyze your project’s progress at a glance.

Track Estimated Time vs Actual Time on Tasks

These visual indicators show the amount of time you’ve tracked against tasks and highlight when you are near or exceeding budgeted number of hours on a task. Read More

Six reasons to use Time-Tracking Software (A Tale of Two Time-trackers)

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As a small business owner, a freelancer or team member in a company, your time is often billable, accountable and valuable. You sell your services based on a fixed price or blocks of time. Time is thus your most critical asset, but how much of it is wasted in admin work or on projects and activities that are less profitable than others?

Meet James, a lawyer with license to practice in three different countries, which means he travels frequently and bills in different currencies. His dad was also a lawyer – back in the era when there were dinosaurs, and secretaries using voice recorders to note the beginning and end of client engagements… James, being Next Gen, uses Excel spreadsheets to track his hours, copying details across to an invoice when it’s time to bill. But he is often out and about, and forgets to track many engagements.

Meet Nicola. She heads up a web design firm and has a team of designers that work on projects for a diverse set of clients. She uses email for collaborating with her team members and Microsoft Word template for timesheet entries. She is considering upgrading to an online system that addresses the demands of her growing business.

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Avaza launches powerful Timesheet Approvals

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Since this article was published, we have updated Timesheet Approvals. You can get updated information here.

We’re pleased to announce the launch of Avaza’s powerful and flexible new Timesheet Approval functionality.

Flexible enforcement of Timesheet Approvals

In the past customers have impressed on us the need to have optional timesheet approvals. So no need to worry if your business doesn’t need them, as these won’t suddenly get in your way.

So how flexible is our design? Well we don’t require you turn on approvals for your whole account, for a specific user, or for an entire project. Read More