Project Management

Use Recurring Tasks To Jumpstart 2017!

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We’re so excited to close off 2016 with one of the most requested features – Recurring Tasks! Best used for common tasks that need to be created regularly, you can set the recurrence to every X number of days or months allowing you to create tasks daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, annually etc.

Recurring Tasks are the perfect solution if you want to streamline your routine activities, for example, weekly standup meetings, monthly server maintenance, annual contract review, checking in on your social media performance, sending out newsletters, creating reports and much more.

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Visualise Estimated Time vs Actual Time spent on Tasks

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We’ve added a cool need way to see how much time you’ve tracked against Tasks in your Avaza Projects.
You can now easily view task estimates, actual duration and remaining hours left on your tasks so you can easily analyze your project’s progress at a glance.

Track Estimated Time vs Actual Time on Tasks

These visual indicators show the amount of time you’ve tracked against tasks and highlight when you are near or exceeding budgeted number of hours on a task. Read More

Avaza Launches New Project Summary Page

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One of the updates to the Project Management Module is the addition of a Project Summary page. Users have often asked if there was a way they could get a quick overview of one project, without having to run reports, and we hope this page will meet those requirements.

The Project Summary page allows you to get a quick overview of task status for a particular project, as well as review the rate of tasks being completed versus the total tasks. These stats, and graphs (shown below), can also help you quickly ascertain projects that might be in danger of not getting completed on time.

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Organize your Projects with Tags, and Add Context to Tasks & Files

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Use tags to organize, and add context, to your tasks. Sometimes you need to organize tasks by more than just section, and this is a great way to do that.

Use Tags on Tasks and Files

Tagging tasks is simple. Click on any task and scroll to the Tags box to add a tag. You can add multiple tags for the same task, or color-coordinate them based on your need. To add a color icon, simply click on the tag and choose from 10 color options. Read More