Avaza adds Estimates and Invoices to Customer Portal

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Avaza’s mission is simple: we want to facilitate easy ways for businesses to deliver their services to customers, all the while ensuring transparency and high engagement levels. As any research will tell you, this is the surefire formula for long-term customer loyalty for your business. Using Avaza, you take the first step towards that direction when you organise your client engagements in terms of ‘projects’, and add your customer contacts as ‘project collaborators’. This way you get your team and your customer contacts organised onto a single platform focused on deliverables. Your clients can be granted timesheet approval roles, enabling them to monitor and facilitate the progress of a project in a decentralised manner (major wins for transparency and accountability). Read More

Avaza integration with Xero

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For professional services companies, Avaza is an ideal tool for boosting productivity – it allows for smooth management of tasks, time & expense tracking and invoicing. However, for accounting and tax needs, many companies use popular accounting software Xero. For such companies it would be awesome to streamline the experience of using both software in conjunction, by automating any required scenarios. For instance, every time an invoice is marked as sent in Avaza, it should pop up as a new invoice in Xero, to make sure all Avaza invoices are accurately and completely recorded in Xero for tax purposes. Read More

Our Invoices & Estimates now speak your language

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Since this article was published, we have updated Invoice Templates. You can get updated information here.

Our longstanding vision has been to make Avaza the go-to small business productivity App of the world. A few months ago, we added support for globalized numbers & currency formats, and now we are super happy to announce multilanguage support: you now have the option of localising your estimates and invoices for your customers in whatever language you want. It’s even possible to maintain different language versions of these, and choose the appropriate language depending on your client’s requirements. Read More

Recurring Invoicing with Avaza

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Since this article was published, we have updated our Recurring Invoices feature. You can get updated information here.

Do you have any subscription based invoicing that needs to be done on a regular basis? Starting now, you can automate this process by using our brand new module for recurring invoicing! The Avaza team has worked hard to develop a powerful and flexible solution for managing any invoicing you need to perform on a regular basis.

As Avaza’s invoicing can be linked to your overall consulting/project management ecosystem, you have a totally streamlined way of including any uninvoiced timesheets and expenses as well.

But first things first: Read More

Recurring Invoice – Dynamic Variables

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Since this article was published, we have updated our Recurring Invoices feature. You can get updated information here.

Dynamic variables are smart tags on a recurring profile that are replaced with actual data when the invoice is generated. These tags can be used in Subject, Line Item Description & Notes fields.

We support the following tags. Please note that these tags must start and end with :: for Avaza to replace them with real values. Issue Date as the name suggests is the date that is set in the Issue Date field of the invoice. Read More

Avaza launches user friendly Expense Approvals

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Since this article was published, we have updated our Expense Approvals. You can get updated information here.

Based on popular demand we’re pleased to announce the launch of Expense Approval functionality in Avaza. The new feature streamlines the approval process reducing the time your staff has to spend on administrative chores.

Expense Approval Settings

Expense approval is an optional feature that can be switched on via Settings Cog  > Expense Settings page. Businesses not in need of Expense Approvals can continue to work as per normal.

For added protection you can also choose to lock approved expenses from further editing by expense users.

Read More

Avaza introduces Globalized Number & Currency support

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We’re excited to announce support for globalized number formats in Avaza, and improved multi-currency support.

From today, users will see and enter numbers in the formats they expect in their native country, based on the language & locale selected in their browser.

e.g. langauge- locale,  number format:
de-DE:  1.254,36 (German users in Germany)
fr-Fr:     1 254,36 (French users in France)
en-US:  1,254.36 (English users in United States)

You can easily adjust the locale you see through your browser’s own settings screen. Read More

Avaza adds Stripe Payment support

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We’re excited to announce support for Stripe among Avaza’s invoice payment providers.
Stripe is one of the world’s most popular payment gateways, and allows you to receive credit card payments without a merchant account.

You can now quickly link your existing Stripe account, or create a new Stripe account on the fly, and start receiving credit card payments from customers in 135+ currencies. Read More