Add Attachments to Estimates & Invoices with Avaza!

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Since this article was published, we have updated our Estimates and Invoice modules. You can get updated information about Invoices and Estimates here.

Avaza just launched a new feature that allows user to upload one or more attachments to existing Estimates or Invoices. Users can then share these Estimates or Invoices with their customers using the Email or Web View options.

Here’s a quick overview of the feature and how it works.

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Avaza adds Estimates and Invoices to Customer Portal

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Avaza’s mission is simple: we want to facilitate easy ways for businesses to deliver their services to customers, all the while ensuring transparency and high engagement levels. As any research will tell you, this is the surefire formula for long-term customer loyalty for your business. Using Avaza, you take the first step towards that direction when you organise your client engagements in terms of ‘projects’, and add your customer contacts as ‘project collaborators’. This way you get your team and your customer contacts organised onto a single platform focused on deliverables. Your clients can be granted timesheet approval roles, enabling them to monitor and facilitate the progress of a project in a decentralised manner (major wins for transparency and accountability). Read More

Our Invoices & Estimates now speak your language

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Since this article was published, we have updated Invoice Templates. You can get updated information here.

Our longstanding vision has been to make Avaza the go-to small business productivity App of the world. A few months ago, we added support for globalized numbers & currency formats, and now we are super happy to announce multilanguage support: you now have the option of localising your estimates and invoices for your customers in whatever language you want. It’s even possible to maintain different language versions of these, and choose the appropriate language depending on your client’s requirements. Read More

Avaza’s new Estimates module released

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Since this article was published, we have updated our Estimates module. You can get updated information here.

We’re excited to announce the release of the Estimates module for Avaza.
Starting today, all customers on both Free and Paid plans will have access to this module.

So what does it mean for you?

Well the Estimates module allows you to create & send estimates/quotes to clients, and track responses.
Creating an estimate is a lot like creating an invoice. You assign an estimate to a client/customer, add line items, descriptions, expiry date & notes.

Estimates can be customized and branded via templates just like Invoices. You can also customize the email template used when sending Estimates & sending Estimate Reminders.

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